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Personal Injury Attorney

In the State of Florida, If you or someone you sincerely care about has suffered personal injury due to harm as a result of another’s negligence or wrongful act, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your damages. At TW Law Group, PLLC. we have helped victims and families through the personal injury claim process – and we’re prepared to passionately fight for the compensation you deserve. We are also serving Orlando Florida, Winter Park Florida, Ocala Florida, and Windermere Florida.

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How Is the Value of My Case Determined?

Because there is no ONE answer to the question, every case is treated differently due to the numerous factors which can influence the overall value of your case. Each case must be carefully evaluated. There are too many working parts including liability, the severity of the injury, negligence, property damage, and much more. Additionally, as your case progresses and additional information is uncovered during an investigation, it leads to the total value of a claim fluctuating.

While working closely with you, our team will leave no stone unturned in our analysis and representation of your case.

Should I Accept a Settlement?

There may not be another chance to negotiate if you prematurely accept a settlement, It is vital that your compensation makes you whole by adequately covering the costs of your damages. Before accepting any offer or attempting to negotiate with an adjuster, contact our Law firm. We will work with the insurance company on your behalf to maximize the value of your claim. If litigation becomes necessary due to a breakdown with negotiations, you can count on us to passionately and aggressively represent you in the courtroom.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Our Law Firm understands how to deal with law enforcement and insurance companies, and how to maximize the strength of your claim. The truth is that the average person may only experience an accident and go through the claims process a few times in their life.

The average person will have only one opportunity to collect restitution and only a knowledgeable attorney can help you to negotiate a claim, fight unfair treatment, protect against self-incrimination, and see that your rights are upheld. Let our Law Firm Attorneys help you to handle your personal injury claim.

Cases We Handle:

• Truck Accidents
• Car Accidents
• Sports Injuries
• Nursing Home Injuries
• Premises Liability
• Train Accidents
• Brain Injuries
• Catastrophic Injuries
• Wrongful Death
• Product Liability