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When it comes to family-related issues, you need a lawyer who understands the emotional nature of your situation. At TW Law Group, PLLC, we know that divorce can be a tough decision for many people. It's not just about ending your marriage--it's about losing the person you thought would be with you forever and navigating through a new life as a single parent or guardian.

We can help you through this difficult time by providing legal advice and guidance throughout the process of getting divorced in Polk County Florida. Our lawyers have years of experience handling divorce cases and are trained to handle all aspects of family law including Divorce (legal separation), Child custody battles and Alimony issues.

Family law is a complex area of law. It involves multiple parties, complex financial issues, and emotional turmoil.

Family law is a complex area of law. It involves multiple parties, complex financial issues, and emotional turmoil.



The issues covered by family law matters such as divorce, child custody with joint custody, and property division, can be anxiety-inducing and emotionally painful. You should minimize your handling of these situations which would in turn minimize your inability to cope with intense feelings on a daily basis. You would allow TW Law Group, PLLC to do the work to maintain stability for yourself, your children, and your loved ones. Late or missing alimony payments might mean financial distress. The delays and frustrations experienced by those trying to adopt a child can be damaging, too.

Our knowledgeable legal team at TW Law Group, PLLC possesses the abilities and experience necessary to handle a wide range of these stressful legal cases. Whatever your family law needs, we have the skills required to help you achieve a satisfactory result.

Our family law practice areas include:

  • Divorce

  • Child custody with joint custody

  • Property division

  • Paternity test

  • Divorce mediation

  • Child Adoption

Pursuing any of these areas alone can be daunting, risky, and emotionally taxing. It is important to secure the services of a skilled family law attorney so that your rights are protected. You are at risk of financial exploitation or being taken advantage of if you do not have the help of an attorney to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. For parents, a family law attorney can also assist you as you fight to safeguard your child's future.

Throughout the State of Florida, the divorce attorneys in Orlando, TW Law Group PLLC have built a reputation as knowledgeable, compassionate, and trusted legal counsel to their clients who are going through a divorce or are dealing with sensitive family matters. We know that this is a trying time in your life, and you need the assistance and advice of someone who understands this process and has navigated it successfully in the past.

When you are going through a divorce, there are a lot of things to think about. What will happen to your assets? How will custody work? Will you have to pay spousal support? At TW Law Group PLLC, we understand that these questions can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you have never been through this process before.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to answer all of your questions and make sure you get the best possible outcome for your case. We are ready to help you move on with your life after divorce so call us now at (407) 720-8282 or fill out a contact form on our site.


Why choose TW Law Group

We understand that family law is a sensitive and complicated area of the law and that navigating these tricky waters without experienced legal help can be extremely difficult. At TW Law Group, PLLC, we are proud to offer the highest level of service on behalf of our clients. We will fight for your best interests and make sure that you retain what matters most to you. Trust your case to a team that has a track record of protecting their clients and helping them successfully move on with their lives. Turn to TW Law Group, PLLC for help today, and contact us at (407) 720-8282 to get started.

Routine Probate Administration

When someone you love dies, the process of grieving can be draining and difficult. The process of settling the financial affairs of that person can make it no easier, but they are often inseparable. Our clients so frequently find themselves facing an inevitable process, which they must endure nonetheless.

Probate is the broad term we apply to a variety of procedures used to gather a decedent’s assets, pay their debts and transfer property to their beneficiaries or heirs. These procedures vary depending on the facts and circumstances, which are unique to each case.

Dependent administrator – In the absence of a will, a dependent administrator is responsible for collecting all assets belonging to the deceased and resolving debts with creditors. The dependent administrator is appointed by the court and acts under its supervision. They are required to prepare an Inventory, Appraisement and List of Claims, as well as file proof of required legal notices to creditors. They also must obtain approval to sell estate assets and file annual accountings before closing the estate and distributing it to heirs.

Probate Estate – All of the Decedent’s assets that are subject to his or her last will and testament.

Non-Probate Estate – all of the Decedent’s assets that pass by written contract–assuming the Decedent named a beneficiary–to the persons designated. Bank accounts, investment accounts, life insurance policies, and retirement accounts are common non-probate assets. When properly executed, the written contracts for these accounts allow them to pass to the persons designated by the Decedent, without regard to a will.

Beneficiaries – those persons who are entitled to receive the Decedent’s estate under the Decedent’s last will and testament (and any applicable codicils, which are amendments to a will).

Heirs – those persons who are entitled to receive the Decedent’s estate under the laws of intestacy (the law that applies in the absence of a will).

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